“Chris Collison, Paul Corney, and Patricia Eng have written a practical and easy-to-understand guide to knowledge management. The KM Cookbook combines a helpful explanation of ISO 30401 – the first international KM standard – with methods, tools, and stories to support successfully implementing KM. It uses the clever metaphor of a restaurant to describe the KM standard, tools, and stakeholders. The KM Chef’s Canvas is included as a useful tool to assess KM programmes applying the new standard.”

Stan Garfield, Knowledge Management Author, Speaker, and Community Leader, Michigan.

"I'm one of the first to raise my hand as a skeptic of certifications and standards, feeling they are unnecessary boxes for emergent or complex practices. So I was gratified to read a pragmatic examination of the new KM standards and examples of how they might manifest through extensive case "stories" in the KM Cookbook. Standards aside, any organizational KM person can learn many things from this book - things they could implement tomorrow. So this is a win win, regardless of your view on the ISO standards!
Dig into the "meal" that Chris, Paul and Patricia have prepared for us."

Nancy White, Founder, Full Circle Associates, Washington.

“This is a wise, practical and very accessible book, spiced with examples from knowledge managers in the field, to illustrate how the ISO 30401 KM standard can be applied in practice. It captures the variety and context sensitivity of KM, as well as its focus on excellence. Metaphors can be distracting or overly abstract, but in this book, the restaurant metaphor is a winner!”

Patrick Lambe, Partner, Straits Knowledge, Singapore.

“Collison, Corney and Eng have taken a would-be dry subject and delved into it in a creative manner, weaving fact and guidance into a narrative that simultaneously informs and entertains. What they have done with this book is a demonstration of a key aspect of knowledge management itself: the use of storytelling to make important knowledge accessible to the average person. Certify that, ISO 30401.”

Larry Campbell, Partner, KPMG China.

“Writing a book is much easier than working out what to write and how to engage the reader. I’ve read many books over the years where the author has a ‘neat idea’ of how to make their book interesting, only to fail after the first couple of chapters when the metaphor has been pushed too far. One of the many remarkable aspects of this book is that three authors with immense experience but different backgrounds have combined to create a book that makes knowledge management immediately relevant to the reader.”

Martin White, Managing Director, Intranet Focus, UK.

“Make no mistake – this book is worth its weight in salt. While it prepares you for the ISO Standards, it has some of the finest current case studies globally. Anyone reading this book will come away truly enriched and motivated. It is crafted in simple but elegant language devoid of jargon. For me, this book serves a higher purpose. I am constantly asked to ‘simplify’ KM to a level where a layperson can understand. I have found an answer to that in the form of The KM Cookbook.”

Rudolf D’Souza, Chief Knowledge Officer, Afcons Infrastructure and Chair 2019, KM Global Network, India.

“Much more than a recipe book. The KM Cookbook goes beyond the ‘what’ to the ‘how’. Part I offers a wealth of practical insight into the knowledge, tools and strategies that enable KM Masterchefs to reliably deliver great food, day after day. The rich diversity of KM is beautifully Illustrated in Part II, with its global showcase of stories of KM in practice. Chris, Paul and Patricia show how getting the basics right can professionalise KM without compromising its wide range of flavours.”

Dr Sharon Varney, The Henley Forum at Henley Business School, UK.

‘‘Being a committed KM sponsor, or “Restaurateur” as The KM Cookbook would define me, I recommend the book as mandatory reading for all leaders and experts in KM roles. Not only does it explain the international standard on Knowledge Management, the new ISO30401, it also shares 16 very interesting stories on how different businesses, government organisations and NGOs deal with KM and exercise best practice.”

Aku Sorainen, Senior Partner, Sorainen, Estonia.

"The KM Cookbook is aptly named, as it draws from global perspectives, global solutions and is patterned together through extensive, detailed experience. Both the immediate and the practical as well as the introspective, and strategic are offered as recipes.

This is a book that will help to connect leadership within organizations with the insights and methods to enact their vision.”

Eric Hunter, Futurist, Speaker and Author.

“A book on knowledge management which not only sets new standards for this discipline but is actually fun to read. The enthusiasm and passion of the authors – who live and breathe KM – is reflected on every page of their cookbook.”

Dr. Raffael Büchi, Owner of OWLegal, and Chair of KM Legal Europe, Switzerland.

“The KM Cookbook fulfils many of the needs of knowledge management professionals in the sense that it provides an applied deliberation on the new KM standard, ISO 30401. Collison, Corney and Eng continue by explicating the interpretation of ISO 30401, preparing for an audit and the actual audit process. However, The KM Cookbook proceeds by applying the key principles of the ISO 30401 as several leading use cases of KM are discussed from within the framework of the KM standard.”

Dr Deonie Botha, Associate Director, Deloitte & Touche, South Africa.