Contents and Stories

We have designed the KM Cookbook as a resource to be dipped into for inspiration.
Part I of the book explores knowledge management programmes using the metaphor of the restaurant, introducing the restaurateur (sponsor), customers (organisation), chef (KM leader), staff (KM team and external support), ingredients (tools, methods, processes and strategies) and the restaurant critic (external auditor).

Part II is where you get to meet sixteen chefs from around the world and listen to them tell their stories. We have deliberately used a narrative-style for these chapters which comprise the largest part of the 300+ pages.

We’ve all been to conferences and seen the ‘gold plated’ PowerPoint slides. We wanted to ask experienced people questions like “where did you get lucky?” and “looking back, what did you see as the biggest challenge?”.
We have done our best to recreate for you what it feels like to sit in their office, surrounded by their artefacts and teams, and to hear first hand what it feels like to lead a KM programme. We conclude each chapter with our highlights, and use these to illustrate aspects of the KM Standard, using the ‘KM Chef’s Canvas’ (see below)


Part I —Chapters 1-9 - A new way to cook?

1. A New Kitchen

2. What kind of Restaurant?

3. The role of the restauranteur.

4. The skilled Chef

5. Getting some help – the staff.

6. Understanding the ingredients

7. The restaurant critic.

8. Planning the menu – the Chef’s Canvas

9. Chefs’ Specials

In Part I, we introduce the ‘KM Chef’s Canvas’ - a strategic tool which maps the areas of the KM Standard against specific capabilities, and asks 57 varieties of question which will help you assess your own KM approach for a fresh perspective, and help prepare you for any journey towards accreditation.


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Part II - Chapters 10-25 — Menus to savour.

The Americas

10.   World Bank

11.   GE

12.   USAID

13.   Schlumberger



15.   International Olympic Committee

16.   Medecins sans Frontieres

17.   Transport for London

18.   Syngenta

19.   Linklaters

20.   Dstl (Defence Science & Technology Laboratories)

21.   Financial Conduct Authority

Middle East

22.   Petroleum Development Oman

23.   Saudi Aramco


24.   Mapna

KM in Mergers and Acquistions – Take-away Chapter

25.   TechnipFMC